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Vanity survey (take 2)

OK, I filled out something like this last year, but I'm just bored enough to do it again. Come on, everybody, join me!


1. Feature you like best about yourself: Hands

2. Feature you would permanently change about yourself: I would like a flawless complexion, please.

3. If contact lenses weren't a bitch, your eyes would be: Bright green

4. Beauty item you can't live without: Eyelash curler

5. Beauty item you keep around but hardly ever use: Curlers (rollers). (You can't hope to style my hair; you can only hope to contain it.)

6. Beauty item you will never ever use again: Waxing strips on the legs. Surely packing tape could do a better job for the same amount of pain.

7. Celebrity people say you resemble: Lately two separate people have said Audrey Hepburn. I wish this were true.

8. Celebrity you wish you most resembled: Maybe more like Audrey Hepburn?

9. Tip about hair care you would like to pass along to the masses: Do not attempt home perms. In fact, just steer clear of perms generally.

10. Tip about makeup you would like to pass along to the masses: Do not be like me and wait till you're 25 before figuring out how to pluck your eyebrows.

11. Tip about fashion you would like to pass along to the masses: There have been a lot of problems with trousers lately. Women are wearing them too low (I do not want to see your butt cleavage), and men are wearing them too baggy (this applies most prominently to skater-boi types, but men's jeans in general are gettin' a bit floppy).

12. Worst fashion phase you have ever gone through: About '88-'92: the Poison/Warrant/Bon Jovi years. Enough said.

13. What feature of your appearance people compliment you on most: Hair, I guess

14. What feature of your appearance you think they ought to compliment you on: My naturally black eyelashes. Or the stunning shadows under my eyes.

15. Have your parents ever stepped in and stopped you from looking unstylish, and if so, what was the offense?: Yes: Mom rightly enough warned me, my freshman year of high school, that it would be a bad idea to wear a big, ruffly, second-hand lavender prom dress from the '70s to a homecoming dance in about 1990. Thank you, Mom.

16. Is it better to be overdressed or underdressed? (i.e., too formal or too casual): I suppose overdressed.

17. Feature of the opposite sex that catches your eye first: Hair!

18. Celebrity whose fashion sense you love: Got to admit, Halle Berry has worn some awesome dresses at awards ceremonies lately.

19. Celebrity whose fashion sense makes you point and laugh: Oh, definitely Orlando Bloom. Oh, man. I'm laughing just thinking about it. The shirts.

20. This fake-tanning thing: good idea, or no? I admit to owning a self-tanning spray, but I seldom use it. I'd rather be my natural, healthy, pale self and have people think it looks fine. Real tans are of course never healthy. But I do brush some bronzer on the cheekbones sometimes too...
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