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We made it!

Whew. Am finally in Seattle for good! I'll spare you the long, boring tale of the move ("...and then I wrapped the dishes in newspaper...and finding a safe place in the truck for the plants was tricky..."), and will give you yet another list instead.

Tips and observations:

1. If you're moving 800 miles, across a mountain range, and plan to be pulling a car on a trailer behind a 15' rental truck, don't. Pay other people to move your stuff instead. We were going all of 25 mph through the Siskiyous (a mountain range in Northern California/Southern Oregon). It turned a trip that is normally 12 hours into 18 hours. Just: don't. Remind me of this next time I'm tempted to say, "Oh, we can do it ourselves; it wasn't that bad." Yes, it was.

2. I'm an incredible wimp. I thought I had good muscle tone, but about two hours of carrying boxes and furniture was enough to turn my so-called muscles into jelly. Time to join a gym.

3. You can see the Olympics (another mountain range, snow-capped and particularly picturesque) from our street, just outside our house! I somehow forgot that. There are no views like that in the Sacramento Valley. None at all.

4. There is a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie billboard about half a block from our house. Heheheh. Johnny Depp in alarming amounts of eyeliner, and Orlando Bloom in frilly pirate goodness, brooding down upon me every time I walk that direction. Too perfect. Dare I hope they'll put up an ROTK one in that same location in a few months?

5. To the woman in the blue Jetta on 15th Ave. this evening: I'm sorry I was over-cautious in merging in front of you, and forced you to slow down, and probably bugged some other drivers too. It has been a while since I drove in Seattle. I could tell you hated me from the way you shook your head to yourself and refused to look at me, when we ended up next to each other at a stoplight a minute later. And I know you were probably thinking, "*&@%# California drivers," based on the license plates on my car. But I want you to know that I am not a Californian; I am a Northwesterner like you; and I forgive and indeed share your healthy dislike of California drivers. But you will probably never read this, and I will have to live with your displeasure forever. Alas.

6. While web-surfing, I came across the blog of someone who was ranting about slash. He (I think it was a "he") picked especially on LOTR slash, and said that while he could sort of understand Elf-based slash, he was totally nauseated by those who fancy hobbit-slash. He compared us, in fact, to "furries" - that is, people who get off on bestiality or tales thereof - based more or less on the fact that hobbits have furry feet. I'm deeply insulted as there is no way my attraction to yon Frodo is bestiality-related, and bestiality, in fact, disgusts me greatly, but then I can't really expect everyone to understand about One True Pairings and so forth. I don't shove it down anyone's throats, and really all that needs to be said is the incredibly simple and oft-ignored rule: If you don't like slash, don't read it.

7. The air here smells like the ocean, lightly, and the tap water not only tastes fine but does not leave my hair crispy and my skin itchy the way Davis water did. Amazing.

8. I've left very few comments on friends' posts lately, for reasons involving moving trucks, but I still like you all.

9. Happy Independence Day, United Statesians. I'll be taking another few days off to visit the fam at a nearby beach house and dodge the fireworks. Catch up with y'all after that. Back to taking the newspaper off the dishes...

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