Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

A Stogie, a bus, and thee

There are plenty of un-amusing anecdotes from the 4th of July weekend that I could relate, but I don't think I want to go there. Not first thing in the morning, anyway. So here's one amusing anecdote I was told:

One time when I was just a little baby, Mom and Dad and the fam were on vacation in central Oregon. They were sitting in the car in Bend, taking a break, and Mom was nursing me in the front passenger seat. Dad, beside her, was enjoying a cigar. (He rarely does this, normally preferring pipes, but that's beside the point.) Dad offered the cigar to Mom, who decided she'd take it and try a few puffs, just on a whim. So while she was sitting there nursing me and puffing at the cigar, a school bus pulled up alongside them and stopped, and a high school kid cranked open his window and yelled, "Hey, lady! Don't let the ash from that Stogie drop on your baby!"

Needless to say, Mom handed that cigar back to Dad very fast.

(The end.)

-Mol, now wondering if secondhand smoke made her the weirdo she is today
Tags: funny

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