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File under "Random Comments"

One more week of this lazing around and putting things into cupboards, and I'll probably be ready to start sending resumés out into the world. But not yet.

I did not overestimate the loveliness of the sea air and the tap water in Seattle, while I was away. It smells so good outside. The breeze is always cool and fresh. Our clothes are soft again. I prolong showers because they feel so gentle and soothing on my skin instead of harsh. Plus, I bike ten minutes to the top of a nearby hill and get to see a big expanse of Elliott Bay, with rugged mountains behind it. How lucky are we, to live here?

Of course, it's also more humid here than in the Sac area, due to all this water. It's only 80 right now but it feels sort of sweaty and sticky. However, as showers are forecast for tonight and tomorrow, I shall only smile and remind myself that at least I no longer live in a desert.

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean downtown last night, which was quite the good time. I went in fully expecting to be embarrassed for all the actors, but they did much better than I anticipated. I enjoyed watching Orlando get soaking wet as much as the next girl, of course, but must admit that Johnny Depp stole the show. He's a longtime favorite of mine anyway, so there are no regrets in saying it. By the way, is it just me, or does Orlando almost lisp sometimes? In LOTR, I thought it was just his way of doing an Elvish accent, since Elvish contains a lot of "th" sounds. But then he did it sometimes in this movie too. Hmm. Still, he's definitely hotter as brunette!pirate!Orli than as Legolas. Stab me with an arrow for saying so if you wish.

You know that dishwashing method that your mother handed down to you, where you fill a plastic tub in the sink with water and suds, and soak and scrub the dishes in that, and then set them aside to dry? I do not approve of this method. The plastic tub just collects all the scraped-off food, and the grease floats to the top and gets on the other dishes, and knives hide at the bottom under the suds. It's a gross and slightly dangerous way to do dishes, I say. I much prefer using clean running water and a sponge periodically re-doused with soap, instead. Maybe it wastes more water. This could be. But it's less gross.

That is all for now. Thank you.


Jul. 12th, 2003 05:36 pm (UTC)
"File Under Random Replies"
I hate the dishpan method too for all the same reasons, PLUS you have this wonky dishpan when you are done to dry out and stash somewhere. I live waaaaaay out in the country in a very old house, and a dishwasher is about the last thing we need here, considering our well water and various other hinderances.

Just do this: Scan an eye over all the dishes to be done. Choose something midsize and easy to fill with hot water. Squirt soap in it, and use that dish to dunk your sponge in as you continue on with the method you already use. A 2-cup glass measuring cup is ideal actually.

I miss Seattle. And Elliot Bay and Queen Anne Hill and Phinney Ridge and even the stinky Green Lake. And MOST of all, Capitol Hill, even though it's not the decadent *safe* wonderland it was when I lived on 12th and John or at Belmont and Howell. *reminisces* Please give Seattle a sloppy french kiss for me and use plenty of tongue.......
Jul. 14th, 2003 12:01 am (UTC)
Re: "File Under Random Replies"
Had dinner at someone's place tonight on lower Queen Anne, with this awesome 'Frasier'-esque view of the skyline and bay. Gave it a bit wet kiss for you. We used to live on Capitol Hill too! Don't remember if I ever mentioned that before. Apartment at Melrose and Olive Way. Wonder if we ever passed each other on Broadway... :)

Dish soap method sounds good. I'll see if our new counter space makes it workable!