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If you have not done so already, you may want to add shinyhappylinks to your friends list. Daily digest of the weirdest, most interesting, and/or most useful links that can be scrounged in the space of 24 hours. I'm tempted almost every day to post bunches of them here, but it would just be faster if you went and saw them yourself.

Speaking of passing links along, found this via voleuse: apocalypsos has put together a truly hilarious list of proposed fanfiction crossover pairings. Some are slash, such as:

Clark Kent/James Bond
Aragorn/Westley (Princess Bride)
Lana Lang (Smallville)/Mary Jane Watson (Spider-man)

Others are het, such as:

Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)/Dana Scully
Boromir/Jean Grey (X-Men)
John Connor (Terminator, I presume)/Professor McConagall

I'm not sure I'd actually want to read these stories if they ever got written, but reading the list is funny enough. And I guess if you really wanted to break out of your writer's block, you could try writing one.
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