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Things that are making me all giddy

In no particular order.

1. "The most sacred acting experience I've ever had was at the top of Mount Ruapehu with Elijah Wood in my arms," says Sean Astin... At which I melt - and not just for slash reasons, honest. My devotion to this story goes deeper than that, and this scene will be One of Those Moments. Why can't they just show me the movie now? I wouldn't tell anyone. Come on, why not? Please?

2. A huge benefit of the new DSL connection occurred to me yesterday: streaming radio stations from all over the world without slowing down everything else and waiting for it to re-buffer. I'm drooling over the selection, and that's just the list of stations they include on iTunes. Expect cooler and more random things in the "Current music" box from now on.

3. OK, well I don't know about "giddy," but I've planted some flower and vegetable seeds outside. Think we can count on the sun not beating them to a brutal shriveled husk up here. Tending plants is always satisfying in a gentle and long-lasting way. (Yes, raethe, the jades survived the move too! The hobbit is currently enjoying a north-facing windowsill and being kissed by a tendril from the oregano next to it.)

4. We're going to be dressed to the nines on Saturday night, for my little sister's wedding party. She said "it is not possible to overdress," so I took advantage of being in a glamorous big city, and got a Jessica McClintock floor-length black-and-white gown. Steve will be matching in black suit with gray silk-blend shirt. Apparently we'll each be given a white flower to wear. It'll feel good to be one of the elegant married people rather than the blushing bride or one of the Hi, Still Unmarried guests as I was for so long. (No offense to anyone in that group. I'm just pleased to try on a new category of being a grown-up.)

5. I could add something about a new inexpensive scent I like, but that isn't necessary. That's between me and the people who have to stand next to me.
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