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The Mol Update

Halloo, loyal subjects,

Just returned from Lake Tahoe, where I got river water in my boots, lake sand in my sandals, a few minor heart attacks from the cliff-clinging winding roads, and a new conviction of how much I hate the combination of heat and sun. (Especially when you throw in 7000 feet of altitude.) Pretty wildflowers, pretty lake, pretty mountains...hate the heat and sun. Hate it. Drains me of the will to live. Anyway, I wasn't there on vacation really; I was helping Steve survey. Playing with the electronic surveying gadgets was kind of fun--I think I'm an amateur geek (not to mention a city slicker) at heart.

Speaking of gadgets, Steve recently got me, as an early b-day present, a little PDA--a Handspring upon which I can read ebooks, along with scheduling appointments and seeing what time it is in Bangkok. VERY cool. It's about the size of a stack of 3"X5" index cards, but can carry several novels. So I wandered around by the lake with two entire books in my breast pocket. (The Two Towers and St. Ives--the latter is by Robert Louis Stevenson and the former, I'm sure, needs no introduction.) If you have one of these and haven't yet discovered Project Gutenberg, you better go check it out now. Free classic novels in .txt format!

I was getting rather too melancholy from reading Fellowship of the Ring, so when I was done with it I moved along to St. Ives. Swashbuckling fun. However, I am now more than ready for the DVD release of LOTR: FOTR, and incidentally I've decided I will not speak to anyone after Aug. 6 who has not seen it yet. I'm sorry but that's just the new rule.

On weird dreams: I've recently had TWO dreams in which I've kissed Dave Foley. (And here I thought Bruce was my favorite Kid.) I wonder if this means I have a crush on him without realizing it. He is, after all, "my type"--something of a geek, wicked sense of humor, pretty eyes, intellectual/intelligent, looks ever so cute in drag...OK, that last bit is really not one of my requirements, but it doesn't hurt. :)

Time to go install RealPlayer and see if it crashes my computer or what.
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