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The Mol Update

Halloo, loyal subjects,

Just returned from Lake Tahoe, where I got river water in my boots, lake sand in my sandals, a few minor heart attacks from the cliff-clinging winding roads, and a new conviction of how much I hate the combination of heat and sun. (Especially when you throw in 7000 feet of altitude.) Pretty wildflowers, pretty lake, pretty mountains...hate the heat and sun. Hate it. Drains me of the will to live. Anyway, I wasn't there on vacation really; I was helping Steve survey. Playing with the electronic surveying gadgets was kind of fun--I think I'm an amateur geek (not to mention a city slicker) at heart.

Speaking of gadgets, Steve recently got me, as an early b-day present, a little PDA--a Handspring upon which I can read ebooks, along with scheduling appointments and seeing what time it is in Bangkok. VERY cool. It's about the size of a stack of 3"X5" index cards, but can carry several novels. So I wandered around by the lake with two entire books in my breast pocket. (The Two Towers and St. Ives--the latter is by Robert Louis Stevenson and the former, I'm sure, needs no introduction.) If you have one of these and haven't yet discovered Project Gutenberg, you better go check it out now. Free classic novels in .txt format!

I was getting rather too melancholy from reading Fellowship of the Ring, so when I was done with it I moved along to St. Ives. Swashbuckling fun. However, I am now more than ready for the DVD release of LOTR: FOTR, and incidentally I've decided I will not speak to anyone after Aug. 6 who has not seen it yet. I'm sorry but that's just the new rule.

On weird dreams: I've recently had TWO dreams in which I've kissed Dave Foley. (And here I thought Bruce was my favorite Kid.) I wonder if this means I have a crush on him without realizing it. He is, after all, "my type"--something of a geek, wicked sense of humor, pretty eyes, intellectual/intelligent, looks ever so cute in drag...OK, that last bit is really not one of my requirements, but it doesn't hurt. :)

Time to go install RealPlayer and see if it crashes my computer or what.


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Aug. 2nd, 2002 01:20 pm (UTC)
Welcome back.
Aug. 2nd, 2002 02:35 pm (UTC)
a few minor heart attacks from the cliff-clinging winding roads

I remember this time in my school when our class went to Wales. We walked along this path high up, and at one point I almost lost my balance because the boys behind me were pushing each other about, and I would have fallen off the path down the side, but I didn't. No railings or nothing...I wonder to this day why the teachers took us round that way when it was obviously *very* dangerous. Maybe that was their plan- 'let's see how many kids we can bunk off this time, Mwhahahaaa!' There was also this funny time there when my guy friends crawled under a fence into someone's garden (lil sneaks!), then suddenly a dog barked loudly from the other side of the house. The guys froze, looked at each other, then shot back to the fence and scrabbled under while this giant dog ran snapping at them! I was in hysterics while they escaped unbitten but panting. Hehheh! Guess it was a you-had-to-be-there situation. But, Hee!

Anywho...that was kinda relevant to your post...kinda...um....what can I say, I love to ramble!!
Aug. 5th, 2002 03:24 pm (UTC)
Welcome back
Hello Molly,

Just realised you were around again after reading your comment on one of my posts - good to see you!

Your trip sounds extremely interesting, notwithstanding heat, altitude, lake sand in sandals etc. I'm not keen on extreme heat either, although what we get in Britain probably doesn't compare with the heat in the Lake Tahoe region.

I hope Real Player doesn't crash your computer. There are so many different versions of RP around now, I lose track of them. I started off with one you pay for but then it rapidly became out of date and now I have one of the freebies, which seems fine.

Hope you've emptied that sand out of your sandals now.

Aug. 6th, 2002 06:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Welcome back
Thanks. :)

although what we get in Britain probably doesn't compare with the heat in the Lake Tahoe region.
Usually, no...but the first time I was in Britain, they were having a heat wave that was unprecedented for 200 years or something like that. It was in the 90s (Fahrenheit...so mid-30s Celsius!). Our apologetic tour guide: "Unfortunately we don't have air conditioning...because they keep telling us that we don't need it."
Aug. 7th, 2002 10:34 am (UTC)
Re: Air conditioning
Ah, yes, what you describe sounds about par for the course.

As you may have observed, we British have a thing about the weather. When we're not discussing it, we're complaining about it. We have a moderate "not too hot, not too cold" climate for about 90% of the year but for the ten days or so we get hot, humid weather we all sit around fanning ourselves and whining "It's too hot!"

Then we get a bit of snowfall, sometimes in February, and the whole country comes to a standstill. The trains stop running. Roads are cut off in melodramatic fashion and the weather makes headline news on TV. Then we moan about it being too cold.

Many British hotels don't have air cond in the guest rooms. My mother and I, on our recent trip to Stratford and Althrop, had the misfortune to be in a baking room for the night which was most unpleasant.

Can't imagine why anyone ever comes to Britain for a holiday!

Whereabouts in Britain did you visit? Interested to hear.

I've been to California about three times now, but only the southern area. LA, San Diego, Long Beach etc. And of course Disneyland! Lovely climate, lovely palm trees.

My favourite US city is Las Vegas. I adore the place!

Aug. 7th, 2002 12:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Air conditioning
Hi Amanda,

The British climate is almost exactly like the Pacific Northwest, where I grew up--rain, moderate temperatures, an inch of snow causing chaos--so I liked it just fine.

Let's see, the first time I visited (summer '95), it was a whirlwind tour of Great Britain: London, Bath, Llangollen (Wales), Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lake Country, Cambridge; a few castles in the countryside in between. Loved it, but we weren't there nearly long enough for my tastes. So a year later I went back, after college, and lived there for 3 months. I stayed longest in Edinburgh, but did have a couple weeks in London too, and visits to Birmingham and a few Scottish towns. Had a great time. There's no place like home, but still, medieval castles high upon rocks in the middle of cities sometimes haunt my dreams to this day. :) And I think, if pressed, I would actually choose Ewan McGregor over Elijah Wood, thanks to that accent. (Tough call, though. Very tough.) Edinburgh felt like a small town compared to London. Loved them both. That Underground is so amazingly handy. A great achievement!

I've been to L.A./Anaheim, but never been to San Diego. Hear it's quite pretty. We're up here in the northern half of California, which is so far away it's practically another state. L.A. usually doesn't get as hot as this area does, since we're down in a flat valley, and I despise the dry heat...but since I'm from the Northwest I do still find palm trees rather exotic and attractive. (Of which there are a few in town.) And Vegas--of course, hard not to appreciate Vegas! Supremely tacky, yet endearingly so. Impressive at any rate.

Glad you get a chance to travel--that must be fun. I don't think I've left the western half of North America in nearly six years now...hmm.


Aug. 7th, 2002 01:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Air conditioning
It sounds as though you took in quite a lot of the UK on your trip, which is good. I think when you visit a country which is quite small, it's good to see as much of it as you can.

London is way too overcrowded - I believe eight million inhabitants now. There are some nice little towns in England - Stratford-upon-Avon, where I've recently visited, for one, but many of the towns are depressingly alike.

I've heard someone say before that Northern and Southern California are like two different states. I can well believe the climate is very different.

Vegas is great. Tacky, yes, but if you move away from the Strip there's a wonderful town to discover, where the citizens enjoy a very high standard of living.

I tend to enjoy dry heat and I love the desert. I find it astonishingly beautiful. When I was in Vegas last year, we drove out to Red Rock Canyon, which I adored. I'll be visiting Vegas again this year, with my mother, can't wait!

Hope you get to visit England again soon!
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