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Poll results. And taters (precious).

Clearly not all my readership has voted on the charismatically-titled Poll #166795 of last entry, but exit surveys indicate that fully 80% of you came here for LOTR reasons. (And, I can only presume, stayed for the love.) Well, I guess I sensed that, and that's why I discuss the damn thing (LOTR) so much. But we all have other interests too, so I shan't be afraid to branch out.

So here's a random thing that I did today. At work, they had a picnic-style lunch for us on the roof - fried chicken, baked beans, jello, etc. They also had, at each table, a raw potato and a clear plastic bag containing Mr. Potatohead arms and eyes and ears and such. Each group was supposed to dress up their potato as they saw fit, and the best three would be chosen at the end of the day.

No, I didn't tell everyone to dress our potato like a hobbit. No. Even more disturbing, actually. I was toying with the empty plastic bag that the parts had come in, and commented that I thought we should come up with some creative use for it.

Well, the obvious thing to do with a clear plastic bag is, of course, kill yourself by suffocation. My fellow Accounting employees thought this was a hilarious (if sick) idea. So we ended up rubber-banding the bag over our Mr. Potatohead, and taping a note to his hand that said "Goodbye cruel world." (I wrote it left-handed - not my dominant hand - so that it would look uneven and disturbed.)

Anyway, we placed third. I guess it wasn't regarded as unforgivably sick and wrong by the judges. But then, another group stabbed their potato with a plastic knife and used pickle relish as blood. (They didn't place.)

In other news, current job opening that I'm pining after: publications editor at the Seattle Symphony. I'm sure I won't get it; probably won't even get called in for an interview, considering how many artsy types must be out there competing with me in looking for work right now; but that sure would be sweet.
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