Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Virus thingamabob

Er, so, I use a Mac at home, and Eudora for email, and therefore should not be susceptible to the latest virus raging around on the web. But one of my Earthlink addresses has been getting tons of virus mails, not only the Suspicious Attachment sort, but also return-to-sender messages in which apparently my address tried to send the virus somewhere. As stated before, it doesn't seem remotely likely that my computer's actually infected. Seems likelier that the virus found my email address on the web (it is posted several places) and just stuck it in the return address slot. Is that possible? More to the point, is there really anything I can or should do about it now, other than putting "SPAMBLOCK" in my email address when posting it online from now on?

Anyhoo, since I'm here, guess I'll continue talking...
I've been doing Jack-of-all-trades work at my supposedly-temporary job. Subcontract accounting, payroll, change orders, filing, receptionist-ing, mailing...I'm thinking of it as free on-the-job training. However, I wouldn't entirely mind a job like this, where I help whoever needs it, with whatever project or task. The variety is refreshing. And I like the idea of being the girl who can do everything.

Then I came and checked LJ, and found these ROTK screencaps, which short-circuited my brain and transformed me into the girl who couldn't do anything for a while.

Also sending kind thoughts toward several of you who have lately posted about stressful, upsetting, and/or irritating situations you've been finding yourselves in. We shall overcome; I feel your pain; and so on.
Tags: computers, fandom

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