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TTT DVD (TLA's du jour)

..."TLA" being, of course, "Three Letter Acronym."

OK, I won't say much, because I have to make tomorrow's lunch, and anyway your friends list is already full of people babbling about the Two Towers DVD. But a few basic things need to be said about that, now that we've watched mostly everything:

1) "Tree-herder. A shepherd of the forest!" - possibly my favorite line delivery in the whole film. Dominic just sounds so stoked. Tree-herder! Sweet! YEAH!

2) Watched the preview for the extended edition and was immediately put out. Reaction was basically, "Hrm; well, now I want that one." Looks like they answered a lot of our complaints about the theatrical version, though, which is cool. (Huorns, for one; Faramir's back-story, for another; Ent-draught, for a third.)

3) We gave the film the MST3K treatment while watching it. This proved fun, and even provided some stuff I could've put in the parody, if I'd thought of it. "Where was Gondor, when my car broke down and I had to walk four miles home? Where was Gondor, when I was moving and had to carry five bookcases by myself?..."

4) For the ROTK preview, I think the word is "Squeeee!" I don't want to jinx anything (like Theoden kept doing at Helm's Deep - "Is this all they can conjure?" "No one's ever got past this wall; it'll hold." "I'm sure I'll live through the next movie." Oh wait...)...but I daresay they're going to Get It Right for Film the Third.

All right, enough random capitalizing. Need sleep. Goodnight!


Aug. 29th, 2003 01:18 pm (UTC)
"Watch as Frodo Baggins takes his falling to new heights!"

*snicker* Exactly! He didn't fall on his rear nearly enough in this film, compared to the first. Let's hope the extra scenes remedy that. Also I'm hoping we get to see the rope untie itself in a mysterious Elven way.

Incidentally, I think I would actually pay money to watch you and your husband MST3K a Lord of the Rings film. I swear you've got to be some of the funniest people out there. ^_~

Hee; thanks. We just do it for kicks, though of course we'd be willing to do it for money if anyone was paying. We ended up making fun of Legolas a disproportionate amount, mostly because his lines tend to be of the Enigmatically Elven sort. "That is one of the Mearas, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell." (Non-book-readers, or even just casual book readers: "Huh? One of the what? What the hell is he talking about? That's just a horse, right?") "A red sun rises. Blood has been spilled this night." Yeah, uh...because, uh, the blood evaporates and stains the atmosphere red; right. Everyone knows that. It's basic science, or something.

Figured Aragorn ought to say something like, "Look, I pay you to shoot stuff, and look pretty, in that order. Please stop talking." Hmm, maybe I'll just include that line in the ROTK parody. :D