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TTT DVD (TLA's du jour)

..."TLA" being, of course, "Three Letter Acronym."

OK, I won't say much, because I have to make tomorrow's lunch, and anyway your friends list is already full of people babbling about the Two Towers DVD. But a few basic things need to be said about that, now that we've watched mostly everything:

1) "Tree-herder. A shepherd of the forest!" - possibly my favorite line delivery in the whole film. Dominic just sounds so stoked. Tree-herder! Sweet! YEAH!

2) Watched the preview for the extended edition and was immediately put out. Reaction was basically, "Hrm; well, now I want that one." Looks like they answered a lot of our complaints about the theatrical version, though, which is cool. (Huorns, for one; Faramir's back-story, for another; Ent-draught, for a third.)

3) We gave the film the MST3K treatment while watching it. This proved fun, and even provided some stuff I could've put in the parody, if I'd thought of it. "Where was Gondor, when my car broke down and I had to walk four miles home? Where was Gondor, when I was moving and had to carry five bookcases by myself?..."

4) For the ROTK preview, I think the word is "Squeeee!" I don't want to jinx anything (like Theoden kept doing at Helm's Deep - "Is this all they can conjure?" "No one's ever got past this wall; it'll hold." "I'm sure I'll live through the next movie." Oh wait...)...but I daresay they're going to Get It Right for Film the Third.

All right, enough random capitalizing. Need sleep. Goodnight!


Sep. 7th, 2003 04:12 pm (UTC)
Re: #4
hey, did you watch the cast commentary on FOTR?? I love Elijah but if one more thing was his "favorite part" i was going to scream. The four of them (Dom, Billy, Sean Astin, and Elijah...duh) in one room for three hours commenting on the flick made a couple of my bad days better.
Sep. 8th, 2003 08:28 pm (UTC)
Re: #4
Yep, I watched it. Didn't notice Elijah's "favorite part" thing, but I did notice that he called everything "amazing" or "fantastic." His favorite words, apparently. But, yeah, a great time in general. Can't wait to hear the TTT commentary.