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Weather forecast. Yep.

Is it any wonder I don't miss living in California's central valley?

Forecast for the place I used to live:

Today Sep 08 Mostly Sunny 85°/52°
Tue Sep 09 Partly Cloudy 81°/53°
Wed Sep 10 Sunny 88°/57°
Thu Sep 11 Sunny 95°/58°
Fri Sep 12 Sunny 93°/59°

Forecast for the place I live now:

Today Sep 08 AM Showers 65°/53°
Tue Sep 09 Light Rain 63°/53°
Wed Sep 10 Showers 62°/53°
Thu Sep 11 Few Showers 66°/50°
Fri Sep 12 Showers 70°/49°

Ahhh. Perfect. :)

Btw, as a follow-up to the "have you ever seen a ghost?" discussion we had here several months ago, I had the pleasure of sleeping in not only a reputedly haunted house this weekend, but the one room specifically thought to be the most haunted. (Dogs refuse to enter it; people have called it "freaky," etc.) The house was built in 1889, is situated on the blustery, foggy Washington coast, and has a mild history of objects appearing and relocating by themselves, though I have it on the owner's authority that the ghost is mostly benevolent. Anyway, I felt and saw nothing. There you have it. I do not have The Gift. Oh, unless that figure floating over the bed and rattling chains at 2:00 a.m. meant anything.

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