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Free wallpaper: still life with fog

Some 1024 x 768 scenery for you, from last weekend's jaunt to the wild and foggy Washington coast...

I can't tell you how happy I am that fall seems to have arrived here already, when going by the calendar it is still technically summer. Rock on!

In other news, radiofreecarbon and I went CD shopping for the first time in perhaps a year, yesterday. Came up with:
Doves: Lost Souls
The Frames: For the Birds
Matt Pond PA: The Nature of Maps
Matt Pond PA: The Green Fury
Preston School of Industry: All This Sounds Gas
(I will leave it to radiofreecarbon to explain, if he wants to, why "Preston School of Industry" is an amusing and significant band name.)

All very pleasant so far. ten_fifteen and alltimeqb will be pleased to know that we picked up the two Matt Pond PA CD's independently of each other: in my browsing I grabbed one, and in his browsing Steve grabbed the other. When we regrouped to compare findings, we discovered this coincidence. Heh. We're such alterna-dorks.
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