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Geographic slang

I've been in an actual good mood today. Could be because I'm feeling better. Or because the weather cooled down again. Or there could be other reasons. You know of what I speak. Yes, you know.

Small sideline here to insert my favorite captured pic of the preview:

" would be safe for you to have a wink now, master. Safe, if you lay close to me. I'd be dearly glad to see you have a sleep. I'd keep watch over you; and anyway, if you lay near, with my arm round you, no one could come pawing you without your Sam knowing it."
- Sam, LOTR, Book 4, Chapter 8 ("The Stairs of Cirith Ungol") (Or, LOTR 4:8, to put it in Biblical-style terms.)

Edit: That's actually just my favorite captured pic in the "Squee" category. In the "Cool!" category might be this one:

Morgul Vale, baby. My fandom glows an evil noisome green.

Anyway. I have another linguistic survey for you all. Give me some geographic slang, if you will. For example, a "California stop" is when a driver slows down and rolls through a stopsign without actually stopping. A "Tennessee waterfall," as mentioned last week, is a mullet. A "Dutch treat" means paying your own way; and there are so many on the Irish that I can't even think of one. Yes, this is going to be offensive to someone or other. But it's also funny as hell, and, uh, anyway this is all for science. Yeah. So share! Thank you.
Tags: fandom, linguistics, movies, pictures

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