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Oh the miscellany.

radiofreecarbon and I discovered the coolest plant mecca yesterday, in the form of Swanson's Nursery in north Ballard. Five acres of pleasantly organized plants, all looking healthy and happy. As a plus, it was foggy and chilly outside, which is my preferred way to browse plants.

But the best part of going to such places is finally being able to put a name to the plants you've seen everywhere but couldn't identify before. One such, for me, was rockrose (Cistus sp.), an evergreen whose leaves have this lovely distinctive myrrh smell. We are now proud owners of two such shrubs. Also picked up some kinnikinnick, a nice NW ground cover that radiofreecarbon knows about from being the type of person who tromps through wet forests and examines stuff in them for a living, and wintergreen as well.

OK, call me dense, but until yesterday I did not know that the flavor we call "wintergreen" actually comes from this plant. I thought it was some variation on mint. But the tag on the plant said "edible red berries," so I cautiously picked one off and nibbled on it, and, whoa! It tasted exactly like a wintergreen LifeSaver! Cool. I like having garden plants with interesting qualities. Now let's hope the &*^%@ squirrel leaves it alone.

In other news, Roy of "Siegfried and _" got mauled by one of their white tigers and is in critical condition. Yikes!

And a present for the Orlando fangirls: Orli with totally hot rumpled hair. Click-save!
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