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She sells seashells...

Just got back from yet another Escape the Heat vacation--this time it actually worked and we did escape the heat. The northern California coast is lovely, I must say. Cloudy, foggy, cool, moist, just like Seattle. Oh, except Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is hugely tacky and gross. At least, the parts we saw were.

There are photos of the prettier locations here if anyone truly wants to see.

Oh, and of course I was not able to avoid thinking of LOTR while admiring the landscape. On the way south on I-5, through the nasty hot hills and rolling fields around Stockton, where everything was brown or black (there had been some field fires), I was thinking, "Gee, looks like Mordor." Then in the forests of the coast: well, see for yourself: The Shire? ("I think we should get off the road...") And perhaps Lothlorien?

Anyway, I have a sore throat now, so I'll go make myself some more tea. Bleh.
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