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Commercials featuring my fandoms

Just saw a TV commercial for an HP color printer, with The Cure's "Pictures of You" playing as the featured music. Heh! What's really funny, of course, is that there will be thousands of kids who see that commercial, don't know the song but decide it's pretty, ask around to find out who it's by, and end up buying a copy of Disintegration or one of The Cure's best-of compilations. Am betting The Cure sees a slight surge in record sales over this little color-printer business.

And last week I saw a commercial for (as it turned out) a minivan, that started with Legolas's face in dreamy slow-motion, overlapping with that of a prepubescent smiling girl's, with flowers in her hair and mystical romantic music in the background. A boy's voice interrupts in disgust, "Do you mind?" We find the boy and girl, siblings apparently, sitting in the back of a minivan and watching The Two Towers on the minivan's DVD/TV. The girl glumly un-pauses the TV set, where she has stilled one of Legolas's close-ups, and they move along to watch the Helm's Deep battle, which makes the boy much happier. I literally laughed aloud. Legolas fangirlies make the mainstream!

By the way, this is a great account of Sean Astin and Elijah Wood fielding questions from the crowd at Collectormania in England recently. This quote from Lij needs to be shared:
I found out about this three months ago – it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard, how Dom and I were having an affair...there were rumours when we were filming that all the hobbits were gay, so of course we played up to them all the time, which just made them worse.

Heheh. You might think I'd be disappointed, but I'm not. I was never really convinced that the actors were gay, nor do I care which way they swing. When it comes down to it, I'd rather prefer them to be straight, because, well, I'm a woman. However, I'm glad that they find the slashy stuff funny, rather than insulting. It is funny, which is one of the chief reasons I like it. And anyway, I was never entirely comfortable with the real-person-slash stuff. I just think Frodo and Sam, the characters, have an interesting and very sweet bond. However, when Lij goes on to ask:
Why is it that if you have great male friends you always get homosexual jokes?

...I do have to suggest: could it maybe be because of all the kissing you fellows do? Just a thought. ;) (I'm kidding there too. Of course people can kiss platonically. In fact, the world probably needs more platonic relationships than it does erotic ones.)

Best news of all, really:
Q: Will Frodo have everything taken from him in ROTK?
EW: “You mean... will I get naked???” (much laughter and whooping). “Well, not everything, but nearly though” (winking).

*polishes membership badge for the 'Strip Frodo!' club* Woot!
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