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Some stuff as I have got lately:

Stellastarr, self-titled. NY band; punk-Pixies-ish at times, nearly Goth-rock at others. All fun, but especially worthwhile for the insanely catchy track "My Coco."

Black Box Recorder, England Made Me. Delicately depressed, pretty, refined. What's not to like, with lyrics like "Life is unfair: kill yourself or get over it"?

The Walkabouts, Watermarks. Just got this one today. Really gorgeous and haunting. Hard to define the sound, as it meanders in folk-rock, country-rock, and Nick-Cave-somber-rock, but it's all beautiful. You don't have to choose whether you like male or female vocals better: they have both! Given that they've been around since the '80s and are a Seattle band, how come I didn't know about them till just the other day?

Oh, and I admit that this song ("The Light Will Stay On"), which was the one from the radio that hooked me, reminded me of Frodo and Sam in Mordor. Yeah. The glowing star-glass phial. I'm a sentimental geek.
Look out! Lyric sample!

and if you bury me, add three feet to it
one for your sorrow, two for your sweat
three for the strange things we never forget

and long after we're gone
the light will stay on
the light will stay on

Making me wonder, what does happen to the phial of Galadriel after the quest? I forget. Sam's kids use it for a Christmas tree ornament or what?

EDIT: Never mind. I remember now. It's right there on the last page. *poignant sigh upon re-reading that paragraph*
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