Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Do the publishing dance

Time for gratuitous advertising:

The new e-publisher Scheherazade Tales Romance E-Novels has accepted a novel of mine! Should be due out by October; we're hammering out the final editing and contract details. I can't even give you a definite title for the story since we're trying to find a fitting one, but 'Tourist Attractions' seems a likely contender.

But in any case: the editor, Deborah, seems very friendly, capable, and hard-working, and is still looking for other new submissions. So if anyone out there has a great romance manuscript hidden away, check out their page and consider submitting it to her.

Note: you will not get rich this way. Very few authors do. But PUBLICATION, baby, yeah!

Naturally I'll spam this space with more advertising once the book is ready for sale. Cheerio--
Tags: writing

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