Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Since I have a crush on Frodo, does this count as narcissism?

Dress rehearsal for Halloween tonight.

I like this one because you can see the important accoutrements - Sting, leaf pin, Ring, pointy ear (eeee, I *heart* my prosthetic pointy ears)...

But this one has better lighting, and you can see the hobbit trousers. (Brown velvet capri pants; just what everyone needs!) And how 'bout them flipflops? How's that for authenticity?

I do plan to stick hair (wig cuttings) to my feet with spirit gum, but didn't bother doing so tonight. I figured I looked sexeh enough as it was.

Yeah, okay, some women would have been Eowyn or Galadriel or something. But you knew I was a geek long ago. Besides, I just wanted to carry the Ring. Don't we all? Preccccioussss?
Tags: fandom, holidays, pictures
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