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I am twenty-seven years old now. Sounds relatively ancient. But for all you young'uns who are wondering what it could possibly feel like to be so incredibly old, well, gather round and Grandma will tell you:

It feels exactly the same as 19, 20, 21...and so on. In fact I sometimes lose track, and think I'm still 25. It's no longer a series of great leaps uphill every time you have another birthday, the way it is when you're a teenager. It's a plateau now, and the next step up will probably not happen till 30. Then it's another plateau till 40. And on like that.

In a lot of ways I'm actually in better shape then I was at 19. I get more exercise, have stronger muscles, and have learned to cope with stress better. I feel much more in control of my life. (Probably because I AM more in control of my life.) I see the importance of laughing and of not taking myself so seriously. I get to avoid my family for long stretches at a time if I want to. I feel much smarter and have found that people treat me as an adult. (Sure, I've legally been an adult since 18, but I didn't really feel like I joined the ranks until announcing that I was engaged. Not sure why, but that's a topic for another day: "How does it feel to be married, Grandma?"...It feels fine, but that isn't today's subject.)

I have no new complaints about my looks yet. They haven't taken any unexpected twists, and I've learned over the years how to enhance them, so we're getting along all right for the time being, my looks and I. Other signs of aging? Well...I stare at the computer screen so long, and have done for so many years, that I'm starting to feel the eye strain. I don't doubt that reading glasses are in my future. That's okay. I figure they'll suit my bookish personality; make me look smarter; etc.

Also, I almost never used to get headaches, but now I do occasionally. Possibly related to the eye strain thing. On the brighter side, I don't get colds near as often as I did in college and high school. Greatly increased nutrition is probably helpful there--I have learned in the intervening years to eat vegetables.

I can now get away with things that used to look silly on the younger me: lipstick and long earrings, to name just two. (I did wear them as a teen, but I realize now that they made me look silly.)

Anyway. I'm just musing, and I'm done now, so I hope you didn't expect a tidy conclusion or anything.

In the interests of not taking things too seriously, here is the Pervy Out-of-Context Quote of the Day:
'All right, I'll tackle Strider by the camp-fire: he's less testy.' - Pippin, in 'The Two Towers'
Slashers, take it away!
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