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Writing about scent is like dancing about...embroidery. Or something.

Sometimes I sit down and say to myself, "What I really want is a perfume with notes of artemisia, young bamboo, cucumber, tea rose, peony, gardenia, cardamom, and sandalwood." Well, okay, I never say that, not least because I don't know what artemisia or young bamboo smell like. But it sure sounds elegant, and for some reason I love reading the descriptions of the various fragrance notes in scents. That list comes straight from the little piece of paper, in 9 languages, that is packaged with Shiseido's "Relaxing" fragrance, which is my latest cosmetic happiness. Apparently I like "green" fragrances - Victoria's Secret used to have this cucumbery scent (Tranquil Breezes) that I just loved, and got so many compliments on, but the idiots discontinued it. Sure, they kept all their over-sweet fruity-floral perfumes, but abandoned the one I liked. *sigh* Anyway...

I've also liked marine/aquatic type scents (still rather fond of Cool Water), and have a soft spot for some florals. Orientals are not me, citrus usually doesn't smell as good as I'd hope, and I have mixed feelings about the chypre/mossy/earthy ones. In general I'm more forgiving of men's fragrances, because they aren't as sweet and cloying and chemical. Older guys tend to wear nicer scents than younger guys, in my experience: the younger guys go for the overpowering citrusy/sporty things, whereas older guys go for mellower, relaxing, spicy scents. (I will take this opportunity to say, however, that jedmiller, though of the younger generation, smelled really good when we met that one time.) :)

I may not be able to recognize notes of artemisia, vertiver, or moss yet, but toying with fragrance oils over the years has brought to my attention the surprising fact that a lot of guys' fragrances and deodorants use lavender as a main note. Lavender, despite its reputation as a girly flower, is actually classed as an herbal scent, and adds a bracing clean note that mixes quite well with other "masculine" scents. So perhaps it isn't so emasculating of slash writers to keep putting lavender fragrance oil on Frodo. ;)

Talk about a great segue...
In case you didn't know, the hobbit guys are hot.

They're also funny: Lest anyone still thinks Dom & Elijah are a couple (well, I guess they *could* be, but the hobbits are making an awful lot of jokes about it if so), check out this snickerable passage from Premiere magazine (Dec '03/ Jan '04):


When Wood excuses himself from the table, Monaghan cocks his head and seizes the moment. "All right. While Elijah's away..." he says, looking over his shoulder as Wood disappears.

"He cried a lot," Astin confides, speaking of Wood's experience spending 15 months shooting the Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand.

"He was always crying," Astin continues as Boyd shakes his head, looking grim. "We were always consoling him."

"He missed his mom. He missed L.A.," agrees Monaghan. "He had a blanket that he forgot."

Astin adds, "He would say, 'I don't think I can make it, you know, I...'"

"'...need you guys, I need YOU,'" Monaghan completes the sentence with a frown.

"'Nobody understands me,'" Astin continues. "Sad, really. Pitiful."

"'Am I straight? Am I gay? Why am I confused?'" Monaghan says, imitating his fellow hobbit.

"'Why won't Dom touch me anymore?'" Astin says.

"'Why do I feel this way?'" Monaghan echoes.

"'Why won't he look at me that way?'" Astin whines. "'For the first three months, it was constant attention--and now what?'"

"'Do you know if Billy's single?'" Monaghan recalls Wood saying. "'Do you know...'"


Hee hee. I'm so glad they're willing to make slash jokes about themselves. It eases my guilt considerably.
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