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Sweet! We paid users now get fifteen icons!

Anticipate much juggling of the iconage in future months. I added three more tonight, just to celebrate:

A boy looking at a glowing, wait! It's Peter Pan and Tinkerbell -

And from the work of pinup artist Gil Elvgren, who I only discovered tonight, via (I hate to admit it, but um...) vintage_sex, which I am *not* a member of, but they do find some amusing links and pictures sometimes...

Continuing my rain theme:

It looks innocent here, but what you can't tell is, in the original uncropped version, her skirt is tugged up to show her garters. As is the case with most of Elvgren's li'l creations.

And probably my favorite:

So naughty yet so cute. She's straddling a bearskin rug in the full original picture, incidentally. (Yep, garters showing.) And it just looks so much like me - I mean, if nothing else, I dress like that all the time.

Right. Kidding. Only on casual Fridays.
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