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Okay, serious spoilers, are you ready?...
There will, apparently, be no dancing Ewoks in Return of the King. However, there will be this cool part where they open up an ancient box, and everyone's faces melt off.

All right, actually, I did come across the now-infamous forum on Tolkien Online where one lucky previewer is patiently answering a barrage of fan questions about what happens in the film. I won't say any of it here, but I'll give you the link if you want. Yes, I'm perplexed by some of the changes, but by all accounts the whole thing is so good anyway that I won't worry about those. In fact, it's starting to annoy me, all the "PJ, I hate you; why why why did you leave X out; it was my favorite part and I'll never watch these movies again; blah blah blah" posts we're already seeing from people who haven't even seen the film yet. Books aren't movies; vice-versa; and anyway you can rest assured that whatever ends up being patently ridiculous will be duly lampooned in my parody. ;)

I hereby promise not to use boldface anymore in this entry.

I've been negligent about LJ for the past week or so because of Thanksgiving weekend, wherein I went to Oregon, saw family and ellejohara (who sounds like a completely new person, with that nice womanly voice), and bought a new iMac. It is beautiful and highly cooperative, and I am much enamored of it. Thanks to Justin (one of my brothers-in-law), ellejohara, and raethe for helpful hints in set-up so far. And of course to radiofreecarbon for the MS Office upgrade and for carrying the box. :) However, many more software updates undoubtedly lurk in my future, so we may experience further delays.

Could go into some complaints about various things, but I don't like being a complainer. Besides, stepping out of the car at work this morning and looking up to see the Space Needle sparkling with holiday lights in the 7-a.m. darkness raised my spirits considerably. December! Yay!


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Dec. 2nd, 2003 12:09 pm (UTC)
I got the 15"-screen G4. It's the first iMac I've ever owned (had a Powerbook before, and an older 7100 before that), and it has been behaving fabulously. Almost magically. I didn't even install the software for my USB Zip drive, but when I plugged it into the iMac just on a whim, it actually worked anyway. Same with the DSL connection: after telling the setup wizard that I would be using DSL, I didn't have to spend time entering strings of ISP numbers or anything; I just plugged in the Ethernet cable, and the internet was up and running.

Transferring older files and apps went perfectly well too, via the Firewire cord that came with the iPod. It connected the Powerbook and the iMac, I restarted the Powerbook with the T key held down, and voila - there was the old hard drive on the new computer's desktop, ready to drag stuff out of. Quick copying time, too, when you go Firewire!

OK. Have geeked out enough here, I think. :)
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 3rd, 2003 08:09 pm (UTC)
Yep! As long as you start up the source computer with the T key held down. It ended up being fairly simple once I'd read up on someone's how-to page.