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Ah, dentistry.

Are there any tricks for making Novocaine wear off faster?

It's been two hours now since the dentist replaced one of my fillings and let me go, but I still can't feel the right side of my lips or chin. Most annoying.

On the plus side, he did NOT use one of those sheets of rubber (dental dams?) that they sometimes stretch across your mouth as if dressing you for the part of "serial killer victim". I greatly despise those things. But then surely no one likes them.

I was so relieved at the absence of the dental dam, and at the fact that I couldn't feel the drilling, that I almost giggled at one point when a silly thought occurred to me. Always a bad idea to giggle when your mouth is full of mirrors and sharp pointy things.

The silly thought? The dentist fished out a couple of those cotton rolls from my gums, and asked for new dry ones from his assistant, since these had gotten soaked. "Sorry," I imagined saying. "I guess I've been reading too much slash and thinking too much about actors lately. Bound to be drooling more than usual."

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