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There has been some paring of the friends list done. Criteria now explained in my userinfo:

Chances are, if you and I can't agree on many things, and if you regularly post more than twice a day, I won't friend you. I prefer to keep my friends list tidy, and if I wanted conflict I'd join debate. However, unlocked entries are open for anyone to read and comment on, so I don't mind if you want to friend me, even if it can't always be mutual.

No hard feelings intended. Any can unfriend me if they wish, at any time, as always. I'm not the sort to invent drama over it, and I hope you won't be either.

My uncle Bill has died. I feel bad for my father, as Bill was his only sibling. I didn't see Bill often, and it was expected as he was ill for a long time, but he was a sweet guy and I'm sorry for his wife, kids, and brother. All the best, mine kinfolk.

I'm sorry, raethe. I put semisweet chocolate into the strawberry-choc cheesecake instead of white chocolate. It's the kind of thing I can't change about myself.

It makes me feel better knowing you guys are out there. Even if I don't say it much, being a reserved woman with a defensively sarcastic streak. Those of you under current hardships: hang in there. I do think about you.

Over and out.
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