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A landmark Christmas

Christmas was great. We got a four-and-a-half-day weekend out of it, and had dinner with some combination of relatives every night for six nights in a row, but despite my being a (gasp) introvert, I had a good time. Getting to sleep in four days in a row surely helped.

My parents-in-law pegged me remarkably well, getting me a poster with artwork from The Hobbit on it, and an Edward Gorey calendar, among other things. In our ice-scraping Seattle morning here, I'm keeping warm in a scarf from my parents, who also showered me with chocolate. And at home await several enticing DVD's, including (from kenshi and K8) the eye-candy of Dangerous Beauty (mmm, Rufus Sewell) and Don Juan deMarco (mmm, Johnny Depp). I'm also looking forward to watching more of the "Dr. Who" episodes that raethe sent along. It would be a good show to get fangirly about, since there are apparently 30 years of episodes out there to get into.

As I mentioned, it's been cold here lately. Everything frosted over just after dark last night, and this morning I took the ice-scraper to not just one car but both cars. Why? Because I'm a nice person? No. Because I forgot I was taking the older car to work today so that Steve can get the oil changed in the newer one. Only after it was scraped and warmed up did I remember. Duh.

Regardless: much as I like gray weather, it's nice to get these clear, bright, cold days sometimes. The Olympic Mountains stand out like a dazzling postcard across the water on days like this, giving us a view rather like the one this webcam captures.

Also, every day I go to work, or anywhere near downtown, I drive quite near to the Space Needle. It's a tourist landmark, sure, but I still like it and usually spend a few seconds gazing at it when traffic allows. For a structure built in the '60s, it's surprisingly attractive. (It helps that it's painted white now, instead of orange-gold.)

What landmarks do you see regularly? Give us a link so we can see them too!
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