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Answers to comedy quiz

Lame email from presumed teenager accusing me of having no concept of the richness of fanfiction to be had out there has been marked "private," in the name of not allowing idiots to have more bandwidth than deserved. But thank you all for your support. And, yes, I do believe "hemosexual" IS a desire for blood. :)

Anyway, those participating on yesterday's comedy fill-in-the-blanks did a very good job. Here are the answers:

1. How much Keefe is in this movie? Miles O'Keefe! (Mystery Science Theater 3000)

2. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! (Monty Python's Flying Circus)

3. What do you call that haircut of yours?
Arthur. (A Hard Day's Night)

4. How did you find America?
Turned left at Greenland. (A Hard Day's Night)

5. Hey, where the white women at? (Blazing Saddles)

6. Gol-darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty-dollar whore. (Blazing Saddles)

7. These are people of the land, the common clay of the new west. You know . . . morons. (Blazing Saddles)

8. Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis. (The Blues Brothers)

9. I am serious. And don't call me Shirley. (Airplane!)

10. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)

11. I've fallen for you like a blind roofer. (Hot Shots!)

12. There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. ‘Twould be a pity to damage yours. (The Princess Bride)

13. Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something. (The Princess Bride)

14. I'm wet! I'm hysterical and I'm wet! (The Producers)

15. Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! (Ghostbusters)

16. No human being would stack books like this. (Ghostbusters)

17. I think you're the most attractive of all my parents' friends. (The Graduate)

18. I was in the hall. I know because I was there. (Clue)

19. The central message of Buddhism is not "every man for himself." (A Fish Called Wanda)

20. It is his love, it is his passion…
It is his fault he didn't lock the garage. (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)

21. I'll be taking these Huggies, and, uh, whatever cash you got. (Raising Arizona)

22. All jocks think about is sports. All we nerds think about is sex. (Revenge of the Nerds)

23. Nothing I'd call a career. Let me put it this way: I have an extensive collection of nametags and hairnets. (Wayne's World)

24. You shot the invisible swordsman! (The Three Amigos)

25. Pardon me, boy, is this the Transylvania station?
Ja, ja, Track 29! Oh, can I give you a shine? (Young Frankenstein)

26. YES! YES! Say it! He vas my... boyfriend! (Young Frankenstein)

27. You don't understand, Osgood! I'm a man.
Well, nobody's perfect. (Some Like It Hot)

28. Water polo - isn't that dangerous?
It sure is. I had two ponies drowned under me. (Some Like It Hot)

29. Tell me, Harold, how many of these, uh, suicides have you performed? (Harold and Maude)

30. Kid, the next time I say "Let's go someplace like Bolivia," let's GO someplace like Bolivia. (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
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