Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

A small humble list of nice things

It is the year of the monkey, and, apparently, the month of complaining and drama (pronounced [dræ-muh]; and why can't Word give me a schwa?). So in the spirit of avoiding either of those, here's a little list of...

Stuff I Like Today

- The way my new zip-up knee-high boots hug my calves

- The temperature (51 F) and weather (light rain) outside

- Tomorrow being Friday

- Today being a payday

- The chocolate in the second drawer of my desk

- The fact that the peanut M & M's (part of said stash) are wearing formal-evening-dress colors of black and white. I'm not sure why they're black and white, since I haven't visited the M & M website to find out, but it's cute.

- Ivanhoe, which I've just started to read. It's my first encounter with Sir Walter Scott, I am ashamed to admit. But it's always fun to discover classics that genuinely are good.

- The music sent recently to me by raethe, all_timeqb, and ten_fifteen (in separate and various combinations). Have been inspired to look up more Postal Service tunes. Lisa Gerrard too, though I already have the majority of her material, I think.

- Having 27,000 words of the new novel written, and being very near the end of Act One. Not that it's actually divided into acts, but that's where it would be in the traditional three-act plot analysis device. This is the first time I've written a novel with said device in mind. It's also the first time I've written an actual outline before writing a novel. Not that I'm following it so closely.

- Tea, with half-and-half and a little bit of fake sweetener

- Knowing that I still haven't watched The Two Towers with the commentary tracks on, and that I therefore still have this treat in front of me

- This icon and the other ones like it, by arwen_elvenfair, derived from a brilliant combination of LOTR and MST3K. Go see!
Tags: fandom, food, funny, love, movies, music, writing

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