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Well, dammit. 2Late, indeed.

When did this happen??

OK, yeah, I can read: it happened on January 27, 2004. Just last week. The Cure finally released a box set of all their B-sides and rarities, which I spent years and dollars collecting and tracking down, and endured crappy cassette third-hand copies of, just because I loved them so much. And now they're all pretty and plastic-wrapped in one tidy package and ready to buy on Amazon.

I also heard on the radio that the Cure's earlier albums are going to be remastered and re-released soon. Again: this after I spent 1995 thru 1998 collecting all of them on CD. And now my interest in the Cure has subsided just enough that I probably won't bother to get all the new stuff, but some part of me will always be whispering when I look at my CD collection, "Shouldn't you upgrade?"

Argh. Argh. Argh. Record labels. Hates them.

P.S. Subject title explanation: For the uninitiated, "2Late" is one of the best Cure B-sides out there. It's similar to "Just Like Heaven," if you remember that from the '80s. Go Limewire it or Kazaa it or something.
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