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The boys like slash!

Since it's on the subject, thought I'd share this. A web contact I have, who works at a radio station, wrote this:

"I'm working on getting Elijah and Viggo for an interview--they're doing some for Del Rey Books to promote the new commerative set they're putting out.  By the way, we do an idea sharing service with 200 or so morning shows around the country, and I put some [parody slash] stories up along with the Del Rey contact.   You'll like this: the booker told me that the guys read the slash fiction all the time and like it.  If I get one of the guys, I'm going to get them to read their part of a story on-air."

God, I knew I should have worked in radio. (*burning in jealousy*) But how's that for a great mental image?? Viggo and/or Elijah reading their part in some slash story on the air? HAH!

Rest assured if I find out where they archive this clip of audio--that is, if they actually get the guys and if they do it--I will let y'all know.
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