Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

*Oscar victory dance*


Peter Jackson, that's who! Heck yeah!

OK, Academy, we can be friends again. Just for this year.

I liked:

1. PJ thanking his parents who have died and didn't get to see these films (aww...)
2. Misty-eyed hobbit actors at the Best Picture win (awww again)
3. The Mitch & Micky song - kiss her! kiss her! YEAH! Eugene Levy = instant comedy.
4. The Jack Black & Will Ferrell song ("You're boring!")
5. Owen Wilson making fun of Ben Stiller ("This isn't the 'Ben Stiller I-made-a-mistake-and-everyone's-gonna-pay Awards.")
6. No one in N.Z. left to thank.
7. Johnny Depp's haircut. (hubba!) (radiofreecarbon: "Oh, come on. That's the haircut he had in '21 Jump Street'.")
8. Sofia Coppola getting a writing Oscar. Go grrrl.
9. Blake Edwards. What a fine career indeed. Hmm, this reminds me I meant to swoon over David Niven in The Pink Panther but never got around to it...
10. Cah-lean sah-weep. Booyah.
11. {Edited to add; thank you teasel} Story about Kate Hepburn. Baba Waba: "Kate, you always wear pants. Do you own a skirt?" Kate: "I own one skirt, Ms. Walters. I'll wear it to your funeral." Goddess!
12. {Edited to add this too; thank you sopdetly} The opening bit where they actually got Michael Moore to rant, "Shame on you, hobbits! This is a fictitious war!" And then had an oliphaunt step on him.

P.S. If I'd won the Best Actress award, I would have given Adrien Brody a much better kiss than THAT. Plant one on him, Charlize! C'mon! Oh well.

Tags: celebrity, fandom, movies, tv

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