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New terminology: "Apollo 13 kitchen"

For a couple years now I've been using this term "Apollo 13 kitchen," which I'm pretty sure is of my own coinage, and which I'm now going to share with you on the grounds that it's useful.

Remember that scene in Apollo 13, where a guy at Mission Control comes in and dumps a box of pipes and duct tape and random junk on the table, and tells everyone, "This is what they've got on board. Invent something that will save them"?

Similarly, an Apollo 13 kitchen is when you have very sparse and limited food resources at hand, but must invent dinner anyway.

Example: "We seem to have an Apollo 13 kitchen here. We've got two eggs, leftover rice and turkey, a small chunk of mozzarella, half a head of romaine, some half-and-half, and some pickle relish. Let's see what we can make."

You get the idea. Now you, too, can use it.

Note: this is not to be confused with "college student kitchen" or "bachelor(ette) kitchen," both of which imply never having anything actually worth eating, aside from take-out food. Apollo 13 kitchen is more applicable to responsible grocery shoppers who happen to be getting low on supplies.


Mar. 11th, 2004 05:45 am (UTC)
Perhaps, but yours does have a more entertaining story to go with it. :)