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Pimpage I can be proud of: resume-building, and radio

First, the useful LJ entry that you all should bookmark:
kenshi tells you how to write a kick-ass resume and cover letter. Forget that Microsoft Word Resume Wizard crap, and go read this instead. Then take on the world!

Second, in honor of DJ John Richards' birthday, I am proud and happy to pimp Seattle's best radio station, and possibly the nation's and even the world's best radio station: KEXP, 90.3 FM in Seattle, 91.7 FM in Olympia/Tacoma/South King County; online for everyone else. iTunes has it in their radio tuner, under "alternative," if you want to use that shortcut, but KEXP's website is awesome and allows you to listen in RealAudio, Windows Media, or as streaming mp3. You can stream any show from the last two weeks, in high quality audio. You can even choose the hour - "7:00 am on Wednesday, March 17," for instance - and it will start playing what was on the station then. All they do is music, no boring talk shows; and all they focus on is good music, regardless of label or popularity.

I have discovered so many great bands through this station - The Shins, the Wrens, British Sea Power, the Postal Service, the Walkabouts, the Walkmen, Unkle, My Morning Jacket, the New Pornographers, Preston School of Industry - that's just to name a few. Plus they are not above playing old favorites in the alternative world, so you'll hear old Cure, Joy Division, Smiths, the Clash, the Jam, etc. Go! Go listen!
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