Mol (mollyringle) wrote,


Miss me?
Husband and I are back safe and sound, and with lots of spiffy new memories and experiences. (If you can't remember or never knew, we were in England and Scotland on vacation for the last 2 weeks.) I'll post a write-up with pictures soon, but for now I think some sleep is required in order to counter the jet lag - we have a mere 8-hour time difference to make up.

Here's one to tide you over, of us two squares at Loch Ness. Hey, it was cold and windy, and that's the only excuse I'll make as to appearances and dress.

In the meantime, I'll answer questions if you have any. Also, you need to tell me if anything interesting happened in the last two weeks, because, really, you'll be doing me a favor. I'm not even going to attempt to read the last 800 friends' pages, or whatever it would take to catch up. So tell me here: how are you?

Thank you.
Tags: pictures, travel

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Recent Posts from This Journal