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One more bit of wallpaper...

(Anyone else remember this song? Well, anyway...)

I noticed that my computer had failed to download all the trip photos. There were a few from the Hadrian's Wall day that somehow didn't make it onto iPhoto. So, I switched to Image Capture, got them, and found that this one was especially pretty and deserves to be shared with you guys as wallpaper.

It is a place in the English countryside near Hadrian's Wall - though I think the actual visible walls in this photo are just sheep fences. Someone had built a little stone pedestal there, long ago. Could be Roman, I suppose, though I don't really know. There were British pennies all over the top of it, suggesting it has become something of a wishing stone. We put a two-pence piece on it; then, noticing that there weren't any American coins on there, we added an American penny as well.

Notice the springy, super-short turf and moss on the ground. That stuff is lovely to walk on. I see why they invented golf on this island.
Tags: history, pictures, travel
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