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Fragrances and me: a history.

I can virtually never leave well enough alone when it comes to fragrances. I'm always sure there's a better one out there, even when I have ones I like. As a result I tend to accumulate them a little bit. But once in a while I discover something really delicious and decide that it's The One for me, for always and forever. Sure, I may get disillusioned someday, but the first thrill is always a delight.

Yesterday's discovery, which hovers about my wrists right now: Fendi Theorema EDP (eau de parfum, for those who don't commonly throw around fragrance terminology). I don't normally like Orientals. I don't normally like vanilla scents. I wouldn't normally wear something that reminded me a little of a men's cologne. But this is just yummy, despite being all three of those things. [That is, it's a women's scent, but it reminds me of a men's scent.]

Official description:
TOP NOTES: California tangelo, Thai shamouti, jasmine
HEART NOTES: osmanthus, Afghan spices, cinnamon, pink pepper
BASE NOTES: cream, amber, macassar, Mysore sandalwood, gaiac wood, musk

It reminds me a little of church incense (myrrh, perhaps), and a little of the fragrant juniper smoke in the deserts of northern Arizona, and a little of Crabtree & Evelyn's Sienna (aftershave for men). It's also elegant in a way that reminded me, initially, of Chanel's Coco, which made me think, "Oh, I'll like this, but Steve won't," since Steve doesn't care for Coco. However, there isn't that old-fashioned rose-scent that Coco carries - instead, there's a touch of orange. Steve sniffed at it, and said that it was interesting and non-perfumey enough to be acceptable. It doesn't cloy at all - in fact, it starts quite subtly, and after a couple hours has faded to a general natural honey-like sweetness. No "threatening innocent bystanders with giant perfume tendrils," like someone put it on a MakeupAlley review. And hey, it doesn't even have the cost-per-ounce of platinum, like some scents. So I've ordered a normal-size bottle, to supplement my sample bottle, and the world is good.

Now. How about I reminisce about past fragrances I've loved, and what went wrong?

Age 13: White Shoulders. My first "real" perfume. It had a classy, intriguing grape scent in the sample vial, which turned out more violet-powdery in the real thing. Still wore it for a few years - my b/f at the time liked it and would buy me more. Think I decided it was too sweet eventually; wanted something fresher.

Age 15: ChillOut. This was a light, grassy, green scent in body-spray form, that was cheap and only available at the Bi-Mart in town. Haven't seen it since. Rather liked it, though...

Age 16: Tribe. Somewhat heavy on the fruits-and-florals. Could easily overpower, so I tired of it soon.

Age 17: Victoria's Secret's Tranquil Breezes. The best cucumber/melon/fresh scent ever made. Got dozens of compliments. Boys loved it. Wore it for years...till the idiots at VS discontinued it. Oh, sure, they keep the nasty raspberry and pear scents, but not the one everyone LIKES. Ugh.

Age 21: Estee Lauder's Pleasures. Rose and grass, basically. Nice when fresh, but got "perfumey" too fast. Didn't last long with that one.

Age 23: Davidoff's Cool Water (for women). Marine, sharp oceanic scent, fresh, touch of blackcurrant and flowers. Unusual. Got compliments from women, especially when worn with coconut-scented lotion. But it had a bit of an air-freshener quality that got tedious after a while, so, tried to move on to something more elegant...

Age 25: Christian Dior's J'Adore. Feminine; violet and rose mostly. Felt elegant for a while; then decided it was too powdery and cloying. Went back to Cool Water for a little while.

Age 27: Sarah Michaels' Jasmine and Waterlily. Body spray found cheap at Fred Meyer. Smells like a day at the beach; quite gentle and lovely and classy. Problem? Can't find it anymore! Ugh again.

Age 28: Shiseido's Relaxing. I raved about this on LJ, back in autumn/winter when I discovered it. Has some of the cucumber notes I missed from Tranquil Breezes, and when first sprayed on smells wonderfully "green," like you've just broken open a jade leaf. However, can get ordinary-floral-perfumey after a while, and when I had my little sister smell it last weekend, she said "Smells like Tribe." Hmm. Went out looking for something cozier, richer, muskier, sexier, chocolatey-er...and found Theorema!


Wonder how long this one'll last. :)
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