Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

LOTR does the History Channel

Being in possession of the new ROTK DVD, I set out to investigate the special features. One of the first things I happened to watch was the National Geographic special on ROTK, which didn't really have much to do with the film, but instead compared various themes and characters to similar ones in the recent history of Western civilization. At first I snorted and snickered - Aragorn was, uh, really a lot like William Wallace if you think about it. Yeah. He was like Teddy Roosevelt too. Here; watch some historical reenactment society footage; it'll convince you.

But pretty soon I was digging it. It was like a long, clever parody: the LOTR cast does the History Channel! Wormtongue as Rasputin! Gandalf as Benjamin Franklin! Frodo and Sam as Lewis and Clark! (I pounded the sofa laughing at that one. Does that make Gollum Sacagawea? Not very flattering to the poor girl.)

And the Gandalf = Ben Franklin one gave me an inspiration: anyone else thinking we simply must write a LOTR/American Revolution parody, in time for the 4th of July? I can see it now: The First Continental Council of Elrond! "The Declaration must be written. One of you must do this." That means Frodo is Thomas Jefferson, I guess. (And Sam, then, would be Sally Hemings. Ha, ha, ha... Ahem.) Aragorn, clearly, is George Washington, out there wading around in the muck and doing all the fighting, proving his worth before getting crowned/inaugurated. Is Legolas fussy enough to be John Adams, or should Gimli take that part?...well, anyway. Someone ought to do it, that's all I'm saying.

Shall go x-post, with modifications, to mollyringwraith.
Tags: history, lord of the rings, movies

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