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Wodehouse quote of the month

As promised, a passage from P.G. Wodehouse, quoted by Lynne Truss in Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Apparently this is from Wodehouse's Over Seventy, which I can only find out-of-print on Amazon. Apparently Over Seventy was also released as America, I Like You (with some changes), which I can't find at all on Amazon. Oh, well. My To-Be-Read list is already about 400 books too long.

Without further ado: Wodehouse!

How anybody can compose a story by word of mouth face to face with a bored-looking secretary with a notebook is more than I can imagine. Yet many authors think nothing of saying, "Ready, Miss Spelvin? Take dictation. Quote No comma Sir Jasper Murgatroyd comma close quotes comma said no better make that hissed Evangeline comma quote I would not marry you if you were the last man on earth period close quotes Quote Well comma I'm not comma so the point does not arise comma close quotes replied Sir Jasper twirling his moustache cynically period And so the long day wore on forever period. End of chapter."

If I had to do that sort of thing I should be feeling all the time that the girl was saying to herself as she took it down, "Well comma this beats me period How comma with homes for the feebleminded touting for custom on every side comma has a man like this succeeded in remaining at large mark of interrogation."
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