Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Hair. Real important.

I tried to avoid it. I tried to deny the necessity of it. I tried other options. But in the end I must face it: now that I am an Executive Assistant, I will simply have to wear my hair in a French twist a lot more of the time.

It really looks a lot classier than most other arrangements. I just don't like the way the jaw-clip bumps against the head-rest in the car, and the way my multilayered cut keeps dropping tendrils around my head despite the industrial-strength bobby pins. Some days it can go loose, but then it's getting in my face even worse. Headbands are another option, but they look more schoolgirlish and less businesswomanish. The only other option is to get it cut short, so that I can mousse it, brush it into place, and walk out the door, and not spend any time futzing about with clips and pins.

However, long hair is pretty. Right? If kept well, it's an ornament unto itself. (Just ask Eomer, or Legolas. Hee.) And I'm mostly convinced that if asked men to vote on whether they preferred long hair or short hair on women, long hair would win in a landslide. True, yes?

P.S. Lick my icon. You know you want to.
Tags: beauty

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