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Skin care. La!

LJ is being slackerific and not sending me notification emails for many comments people have left. So, if I haven't answered you, it's nothing personal; I probably just haven't discovered you said anything.

In any case, I am in a good mood again, and I still like you all, so no worries! Moving on from that LJ-Drama-ness to a new topic:

Ladies, how about some suggestions for skin care products? I'd been using the Proactiv stuff on the recommendation of a couple people, but I think it's more medicine than I need. I'm almost 29, so the occasional spots are dwindling, and I've never had very bad acne anyway. However, my skin does seem to be sensitive, and prone to break out when stuff irritates it - like the excessive medication in Proactiv. I swear my forehead did not used to have these tiny bumps on it. Also, the moisturizer makes me shiny.

Thus, I have discontinued my use of their products, and am in search of something else. Anyone know a good cleanser, toner, and/or moisturizer for sensitive and slightly-oily skin? Prefer it to be oil-free, but if it's tea tree oil then that's okay, as long as it works and is not shiny. In fact, I can probably find the cleanser and toner on my own (I *heart* Cetaphil); it's the moisturizer that's the real challenge. Will browse MakeupAlley in the meantime.

Grammar annoyance of the day: KEXP, who I love as a station, keeps having their DJ's say "Let everyone you know about KEXP." That is not a complete sentence. Should be "Let everyone you know know about KEXP." Or, preferably, "Tell everyone you know about KEXP." Thought it was just a once-off mistake, but now I've heard it again and again, from different DJ's. Makes me wonder if it's intentional. Guess it worked; I just gave them free advertising.
Tags: beauty, irritation, linguistics

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