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Anyone with knowledge in law, music, copyright, and/or intellectual rights out there? For I have a question.

I have a new idea for a novel turning about in my head. It would center around a theatre production of a musical, though would really be about the interactions between some of the participants. I was thinking of a play by Sondheim in particular. I wouldn't make fun of the play; I like it, and would represent it in a flattering light. There would be rampant use of character names and lines and lyrics. I'd mention Sondheim by name; there would be no question that he wrote it, not me. So, do I need permission to use it, or is it decidedly "fair use" to do something like this? If I do need permission, who do I ask? Would I have to pay for it?

If I have to pay, then really, I'm just going to scrap the whole idea.


Jul. 26th, 2004 11:18 am (UTC)
you, no matter what, will need a discaimer at the begining of the work stating that all matteirial created by *blah* belongs to *blah*.

and a letter to the distributer where the work is copywrited to never hurts. if you need help, let me know:)
Jul. 26th, 2004 12:30 pm (UTC)
Oh, I would definitely include a disclaimer. But a disclaimer doesn't legally protect you, apparently. I'll have to find out who exactly has the copyright and talk to them, if I want to do this, I imagine.