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Rolling Requiem

Heard about this thing they did worldwide today: the "Rolling Requiem," in which choirs, in one time zone after another, performed Mozart's Requiem at 8:46 a.m. (their time) for the lost souls of 9/11/01. (A requiem being, of course, a mass for the dead.) It began in New Zealand--the earliest time zone on Earth--and moved around westward each hour until completing the circle.

So now I'm listening to my old CD of the Requiem, which has always been one of my utmost favorite pieces of classical music, and I must say it's still astonishingly great even though I've listened to it a zillion times since discovering it in my teens. Go pick up a copy if you don't own it. Holds its own against any Oscar-winning soundtrack--much better than most, in fact.

Some of the movements could be used as background for the Lord of the Rings films and you'd never notice the difference.

Damn! Almost got through an entry without mentioning LOTR.

Shall go read something else now. Goodnight (from one of the latest time zones on Earth).
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