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Slang to learn and use: "parka journalism"

I thought for sure my husband and I got this term from somewhere else, so imagine my surprise when I did a Google search on "parka journalism" and turned up zilch. Maybe we adapted it from a similar term. Maybe we invented it whole-cloth. In any case, it's useful for hurricane season, so try it out and spread it around.

parka journalism, n.: A piece of television news reporting wherein the anchor, wearing a protective parka (a.k.a. "anorak," "raincoat," etc.), goes out into bad weather and delivers the news from there, to show his/her unshakable devotion to the story.

Ex.: "With this snowstorm on the way, we sure are seeing a lot of parka journalism."


Aug. 21st, 2004 10:08 am (UTC)
You know, we get a lot of that here in Boston in the winter. We even had one lady, who as far as I know did nothing but this sort of coverage for bad snowstorms. They actually... I kid you not... pulled her out of retirement for one particularly bad storm a few years ago because "it wouldn't be a New England storm without Shelby Scott". LOL!