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Best Band With My Name In Their Title

I'll say something positive about music tonight.

I am enjoying Flogging Molly more than, perhaps, I should. (Considering I'm much more a sadist than a masochist and thus shouldn't appreciate their name.) Technically they're Irish punk, and sound rather like the Pogues, but I can't help thinking "Pirate music!" when I listen to them. And pirate music, as you may imagine, is great fun. It has made me wear a red bandanna, dab some Jolly Roger on my wrists, and get a ruthless smirk on my face.

Seems Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up soon (Sep. 19), so you might want to download a few tunes and get ready. Obviously some of you know about them already, since I heard of them from seeing them mentioned here and there on LJ. To you I can only say "Thank you."

Secondary recommendation: if you miss the Goth-flavored rock of the '80s, you could do worse than to check out The Killers. I'm finding a few of their tunes quite catchy lately. Trouble is they only have one album so far, so pickings are slim.
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