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There is a trailer out for Lemony Snicket's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', which looks delightful. The orphans are cute but not preciously so. Set pieces look like Tim Burton has been there - or maybe I thought of it because they were using the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack for the preview. (This makes Lemony approximately the 85th movie to use the Scissorhands soundtrack in its preview. That's just how good a soundtrack it is. Everyone wants to be that soundtrack.)

While browsing upcoming movies and their previews, I also discovered another Christmas release: Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Yep, the musical. I had no idea. Could be fun. I always liked that one, despite it being set in, you know, France.


Oh, and we saw Kill Bill: Vol. 2 the other night. Quite different than the first volume, but I liked it much better. Less fighting, more drama, fascinating interaction, and your usual fun Tarantino quirkiness. (If I ever have to choose a monologue to perform in the future, maybe I'll be Elle Driver explaining what she learned on the internet about the venom of the black mamba.)

Yeah, I have work to do, though. What a freakin' couple weeks it's been. Ciao.
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