Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

All I'm going to say pre-election

If the "other guys" win on Election Day, I will not:

- Move to another country, nor even claim I want to
- Say "He's not MY president"
- Rant about how we're all going to be dead, in concentration camps, living under the eye of Big Brother, starving in the streets, and/or under martial law before the 4 years are up
- Call my fellow voters stupid (or worse) for their choices
- Delete my LJ or abandon it in disgust (though I might abandon it because I happen to be busy)
- Say I no longer like or recognize this country
- Cease speaking to anyone, nor drop any of my hobbies and loves, nor change what I eat for breakfast, based on the outcome of this election

Can you post the above in your journal, and follow it?
Not saying you have to. Just wondering: can you?

(Really, dudes: 8 years of Reagan didn't destroy us. 8 years of Clinton didn't destroy us. Not even a freaking Civil War destroyed us. And if you give up on liking America because of the headlines on Nov. 3, then...say it with me...the terrorists will have won!)
Tags: politics

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