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Interests update

This is mostly for my own records, because how many times have I heard that my LJ is just for me? (What a crock. But anyway.)

Have revamped my interests list. Deleted some that seemed bland or redundant or outdated, and added new ones. The new ones are, in alphabetical order (the librarian in me really loves that LJ alphabetizes them):

caverns, which are apparently not exactly the same thing as

caves. I don't know the technical difference, but I think I really like both of them. Have never been particularly claustrophobic.

choral music. I get goosebumps at musical moments like the last 60 seconds of "The Bridge of Khazad-Dum" on the FOTR soundtrack. I stand in awe of humans who can sound like angels. [This statement has not been tested by anyone who has actually heard angels.]

cinerama. But I like Britpop too.

comets. Certain astronomical happenings can lure me outside on a cold night very fast. Comets are especially rad. My Outdoor School name was in fact "Comet" when I was 10.

elbow. The band; not the body part.

folklore. I had "mythology," so thought I should round it out. Have to include fairies and selkies and things.

ghost stories. Just an oversight that this wasn't already on the list...

gilmore girls. The show is still not great, but I watch it anyway. Has its moments.

herbs. Rosemary, marjoram, oregano...what's not to like?

hildegard von bingen. Female composer from Germany, 900 years ago. An abbess. Heard some choral music composed by her on classical radio the other day and was transfixed. Simple, but unearthly-sacred. Like standing in Westminster Abbey and looking up, up, up those Gothic arches and feeling steeped in history. Felt almost like hearing actual voices of medieval nuns through some magic time portal. Either I'm gettin' religion after all, or I was just really bored that day.

lime. I already had "lemon," but really they're both good.

meteors. Almost as cool as comets. Better, sometimes.

mst3k. Fits my sense of humor so well. Why wasn't it on the list already?

musicals. Replacing "show tunes." Seemed more accurate.

northern lights. Which I've never seen, and which were apparently visible in Seattle last night, and NO ONE TOLD ME, and tonight it's cloudy, and ugh.

spices. Cardamom, cumin, clove...what's not to like?

the delays. Pretty pretty music.

young adult fiction. What I think might be my true calling. Lots of people have suggested it, based on my style and my usually-tending-toward-young protagonists. Best part, though? You can mix up whatever genres you want, and as long as you have teenagers in the focus, you get to call it "young adult." So much handier than the usual quandary I end up in: "Um, well, it's kind of a paranormal/romantic/mythological/surreal/mainstream/women's-lit story. With some recipes."

Now, if only there were space for the interest "writing LJ instead of getting other stuff done".

P.S. This band Gregorian, who does popular songs in the style of monks singing plainchant? Actually kind of cool. Or silly and dorky. I can't decide.
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