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Molly Ringle

You've read the book; now see the LiveJournal!

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I am a writer, reader, linguist, anthropologist, introvert, nature appreciator, mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, cousin, niece, fangirl, and West-coast American.

This journal was under the handle "lemonlye" for several years, but is now switched to my writing name since it's serving as my blog. For a time I was also mollyringwraith, where it was All Entertainment All The Time. Now the entertainment content is back here again.

I am arbitrary about who I add to my friends list, so don't take it too personally if you're not added, but feel free to add me if you like.

I recommend looking stuff up by tagged subject for easier reference in the archives of my journal, since it has been in existence since 2002. Yikes.

80s music, a sense of perspective, anthropology, anti-idiotarian, astronomy, beauty, bioluminescence, britpop, buffy the vampire slayer, caves, charlotte bronte, chocolate, choral music, classical music, clouds, comedy, comets, compassion, cooking, cosmetics, creativity, dabbling, dan savage, david bowie, dead can dance, dialects, doctor who, eclectic music, england, enjoying life, entertainment value, escapism, etiquette, etymology, evergreens, eyeliner, fairy folk, fandom, fantasy, fiction, folklore, forests, fragrances, freedom, gardening, geeks, george eliot, ghost stories, glow in the dark, goth, gray weather, greek mythology, hades, hair, harry potter, health, herbal tea, historical fiction, hobbits, humor, indie music, intelligence, irony, jane eyre, kexp, kissing, languages, laughter, lemon, libraries, life, linguistics, literature, ljmaps, lord of the rings, lost, love, macintosh, mel brooks, meteors, money, movies, mst3k, musicals, my kid, mythology, new adult, new age music, northern lights, novels, optimism, pacific northwest, parody, persephone, piano, podcasts, publishing, pulp, purple flowers, queen's thief, rain, reading, responsibility, romance, satire, scent, science, scotland, seattle, skywatching, slang, sleep, sociolinguistics, space weather, sparkly earrings, spices, stars, tact, tea, the cure, the english language, the monkees, the united kingdom, the united states, theater, throwing things away, unseasonable weather, urban legends, used bookstores, wit, world music, writing, young adult fiction

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